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Dr. Epstein graduated from the Chiropractic Institute of New York with a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) Degree.  He then completed a one year post-graduate program at the Palmer College of Chiropractic, followed by a one year resident internship at the B.J. Palmer Research Clinic. He was licensed to practice Chiropractic in the State of Florida in 1959 and began his chiropractic career in Miami, Florida.  He moved to Brevard County and enjoyed his practice on Merritt Island from 1976 through 2007.  He recently established a new practice in Satellite Beach.

Dr. Epstein attends seminars and conferences throughout the year. In addition to staying on the leading edge of his field, he has obtained post graduate training in Cox Lumbar Distraction (decompression) and Thompson Terminal Point Drop Technique. In 1992, he completed training in the Activator (non-force) method of instrument adjusting and was awarded an Advanced Proficiency Rating in the Activator Method.

In the early 1970’s, Chiropractic colleges were among the first to bring training in the ancient healing art of Acupuncture to the United States. At that time, Dr. Epstein completed a one year training program and then passed a state examination leading to the specialized right to practice acupuncture under his chiropractic license.  From 1980 – 1982, he continued many hundreds of hours of training, through the post-graduate program of the National College of Chiropractic where he was trained in a unique method of computerized acupuncture analysis. More recently, he was personally trained by Dr. Carlos Viana of Aruba, a China trained acupuncturist through the Shanghai College of Acupuncture where Dr.Viana is on the extension faculty.  Dr. Epstein currently holds a F.I.A.C.A. status through the International Academy of Clincial Acupuncture.

Dr. Epstein is also trained in Therapeutic Clinical Nutrition.  He completed a one year training program through the Texas Chiropractic College. Through multiple nutritional seminars over the ensuing years, as well as clinical experience in his practice, he qualified for membership in the International and American Academy of Clinical Nutrition from which he retired three years ago. In 1996, the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, an organization recognized by the national accrediting agency for quality assurance or NOQA, awarded Dr. Epstein a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (D.A.C.B.N.).   This qualification remains active today.

The BioSET® Nutritional Analysis and Desensitization System is Dr. Epstein’s most recent interest.  BioSET® (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is an innovative healing system founded by Dr. Ellen Cutler.   In 2001 Dr. Epstein was introduced to Dr. Cutler, who was providing introductory training in the BioSET System. Intrigued, he continued to participate in dozens of further seminar trainings, leading to advanced certification as a BioSET practitioner. In 2006 he completed a one year intensive training program at Dr. Cutler’s clinic in Mill Valley, California where he was provided certification of completion of Dr.Cutler’s Intern Program. Dr. Epstein has maintained an active BioSET practice since 2002.

Please note that with all of the natural health care treatment modalities described above, Dr. Epstein is careful to request medical records as needed and to encourage his patients to continue their Primary Care and/or Specialty supervision.

If necessary, Dr. Epstein can be reached on his cell phone at (321) 750-4775.